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with linchlgs to al qaeda may have been involved in the attacks on the u.s. consulate in libya. the september 11 attacks on the consulate in benghazi claimed the lives of the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other u.s. personnel. the attack came as muslim protested a u.s.-made film which they say insults the prophet muhammed. white house press secretary jay carney said the fbi investigation is ongoing. he said the investigators have no information at this point that suggests that the attack was significantly preplanned. carney said that investigators are now looking into al qaeda affiliates, in particular the group known as al qaeda in the islamic magreg. >>> the conflict of interest in syria is causing more human suffering and civilian casualties. opposition activists say 55 people were killed in an explosion at a gas station triggered by a government air strike. amateur video shows the site in the northern city near the turkish border. people are suffering from a serious shortage of daily goods and were lined up at the station to buy fuel. a day earlier, rebel fighters had seized a location
to close on tuesday. >>> japan's foreign minister and the u.s. defense secretary have been discussing how to defuse the tension between japan and china. gemba and leon panetta met on monday. he said they pn to solve the problems calmly based on a broad perspective. >> translator: we agree that japan and the u.s. will work together to prevent relations from worsening. >> panetta met later in the day with japan's defense minister. panetta told reporters that tokyo and washington agreed the disputed islands are covered by the u.s.-japan treaty. he said the u.s. will not take sides and urged both countries to act with restraint. >> the united states as a matter of policy does not take position with regards to competing sovereignty claims. it's important that diplomatic means on both sides be used to try to constructively resolve these issues. >> japanese business people in china have looked out of their pla plants. they don't like what they see. what's t view from the facto factori factories. >> some are seeing protesters and they are pulling down their shutters as protesters turn nasty in ch
of the groups members landed on one of the senkakus. >>> the u.s. federal reserve has stepped in again the try to stimulate the economy. the central bankers will get more money circulating through a tool called kwa eed kwau eed qu. >> the employment situation remains a grave concern. while the economy appears to be on a path to moderate recovery, it isn't growing fast enough to make significant progress reducing the unemployment rate. >> the federal reserve announced it after a meeting. bernanke says members wants to see sustained improvement. >> the idea is to help the economy again to grow quickly enough to generate new jobs. >> committee members plan to keep interest rates low until mid 2015. the federal reserve has done this twice before over the past few years. we followed those events as our economic correspondent in our washington bureau. we've been hearing a lot of debate. why did the fed go answer read. >> it's all about jobs, jobs, jobs. the numbers released last weeks shows that the u.s. unemployment rate is hovering around 8%. it's around 6% in august 2008. lehman brothers declared
to stop undermining chinese sovereignty. xi met in beijing with u.s. defense secretary leon panetta and he criticized the island and said the purchase was a farce and urged u.s. leaders not to intervene. panetta says the islandful under the japan/u.s. treaty. chinese leaders say it should not apply to the territory. a senior official quotes panetta saying, u.s. officials won't take side. panetta is urging diplomats to continue talks on the issue. >>> u.n. secretary-general moon is urging leaders offpjapan and china to meet next week he wants the two to resolve their rift peacefully. >> i am increasingly troubled by rising tensions in the region over territorial disputes. pan has been watching the events. >> i urge concerned parties to resolve the dispute peacefully. must continue to build a mutual trust and confidence to avoid tensions in the region. >> the general assembly will start next tuesday in new york. the leaders of more than 120 nations plan to attend including japanese prime minister. >> a group of people believed to be involved in anti-japan protests, surrounded a car, carrying
ashore. the japanese government bans all, unauthorized entry to the islands. >>> u.s. trade officials launched a complaint against china. they accuse the government of unfairly subsidizing exports of cars and auto parts. u.s. trade representatives allege that the chinese government gave at least $1 billion in subsidies between 2009 and 2011 to doumestic exporters. they say it violates wto rules and contributed to a decline in u.s. auto sales. in a speech in ohio, president barack obama accused the chinese of threatening u.s. jobs. >> i want you to know -- today my administration is launching a new action against china. this one against illegal subsidies that encourage come pans to ship auto parts manufacturing jobs overseas. these are subsidies that directly harm working men and women on the assembly lines in ohio and michigan and across the midwest. >> obama has been showing his support for the autoen dus tr i ahead of the election in november. world trade rules require negotiators from both side to try to work out the dispute. a wto panel will rule on the case if they fail to reach
they ha not spott it. u.s. defense secretary leon panetta urged japanese and chinese leaders to act calmly to resolve the dispute. he held talks in beijing with the defense minister. panetta said the united states is concerned about east asian maritime security. >> the point of this is to send a very positive message to all the nations of this region and the world that we intend to establish a relationship that is healthy, stable, and reliable and continuous. >> he says he hopes to resolve the problem through peaceful kie log but japanese leaders are fully responsible for the unrest. >> translator: china is watching the developments very closely. we have the right to take further action. >> chinese state news reported he came out in opposition to comments panetta made in tokyo. the u.s. defense chief said the san can you can you islands lie within the area covered by the security treaty. he added china expects the u.s. to maintain the neutral stance regarding conflicting claims of sovereignty. business leaders in china are responding in different ways. yucat how are business leaders and bu
monday. >>> the u.s. federal reserve stepped in again to try to stimulate the economy. the fed will buy $40 billion worth of mortgage debt each month until the jobs joutlook improves. >> the employment situation however remains a grave concern. while the economy appears to be on a path of moderate recovery it isn't growing fast enough to make progress reducing the unemployment rate. >> the federal reserve announced their decision after a meeting of policymakers on the federal open market committee. but, members of the committeeta improvement. >> the idea to quicken the recovery to help the economy begin to grow quickly enough to generate new jobs, and reduce unemployment rates. >>> committee members said they plan to keep interest rates exceptionally low into mid 2015. the federal reserve has done this twice before. over the past few years. and i spoke with a correspondent who followed the events and is economic koement correspondent washington bureau. high started by asking why the fed went with this decision. >> all about jobs, jobs, jobs, latest data that came out last week showed th
people want to see results now and not in the distant future. >>> u.s. president barack obama challenged world leaders to stand up against violence against americans. he said his government had nothing to do with a film made in the u.s. that ridicules the prophet mohammad. >> i have made it clear the united states had nothing to do with this video. it is an insult to muslims but america as well, that i have witnessed after nearly four years as president. i remain ever hopeful all right world that we live in. the war in iraq is over. american troops have come home. al qaeda's been weakened. and osama bin laden is no more. >> obama took the podium six weeks before the u.s. presidential election. he spent much of his time defending his record on foreign policy. >>> to coincide with the open egg ofhe general asell blame, british charity has released a video report on children in syria who are suffering from the escalating violence. many syrian children are haunted by the memory of seeing family members killed in front of their eyes. they have observed children becoming overaggressive. some h
>>> obama's resolve. >> make no mistake, justice will be done. >> the u.s. president condemns an attack on an american consulate in libya. barack obama has criticized what he called an outrageous and shocking attack. gunmen stormed the consulate in libya on tuesday. they killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. the gunmen fired into the consulate in the city of benghazi. they threw handmade bombs into the compound, sparking fires. demonstrators in inn libya and elsewhere in the middle east have staged protests against a film made in the u.s. protesters say it blasphemes the prophet muhammad. >> the united states condemns in the strongest determines this attack. we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. >> obama said the attack will not break the bonds between the countries. the president of libya's national assembly apologized at a news conference in tripoli. mohammad garias acknowledged that film insulted the prophet muhammad. still, he said retaliatory attack cannot be tolerated. the film at the heart o
criticized the nationalizatioof the islands. he said t purchase was a farce. xi urged u.s. leaders not to intervene. the islands fall under the scope of the security treaty. the treaty should not apply to the territory. a senior u.s. defense official quotes panetta as saying u.s. officials won't take sides. panetta is urging diplomats to keep talking to resolve the issue diplomatically and peacefully. >>> japan's coast guard officials are keeping a close eye on government ships in waters off the senkakus islands. there's no sign of a chinese flotilla. they have spotted 16 chinese patrol ships around the area since tuesday. they are fishing monitoring ships and vessels. at least six of those ships have now left the area. two were cruising near japanese waters on thursday morning. earlier this week, 1,000 fishing boats were heading for the area around the islands. but the coast guard says it hasn't spotted the flotilla. >>> police in ja paz may be looking into hacking. someone tampered with the websites of at least 19 government organizations. officials with the national police agenc
the u.s. to set a deadline for military action, but u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says there's still time for diplomacy to work. netanyahu will head to the united states later this month but won't be meeting u.s. president barack obama. israeli media quoted a senior israeli official saying white house staff declined netanyahu's request for a meeting with obama. netanyahu wanted to discuss iran's nuclear program. he was expected to press obama to set deadlines. the first time netanyahu has visited the u.s. without meeting the president, since taking office three years ago. a white house spokesperson said scheduling issues ruled out a meeting. he also said the leaders are in frequent contact and netanyahu will meet secretary of state clinton and top officials instead. >>> judicial authorities in egypt have ordered the arrest of the last prime minister and the ousted president hosni mubarak. they accuse him of corruption. the state-run news agency reported the news. the case dates back to 1993. he's accused of selling government-owned land to mubarak's sons at a fraction of the
reiterated the island in the east china sea are clearly covered by the japan u.s. security treaty. we do acknowledge, clearly through the process that you have set out, senator, that japan maintains effective administer of control. and third that -- as such, this falls clearly under article 5 of the security treaty. >> campbell made their comments at a hearing of the senate foreign relations subcommittee on east asia and pacific affairs. he said the united states is not taking possession on sovereignty of the island but said the u.s. views japan as maintaining administrative control of the island. chapel be campbell said the united states is concerned about demonstrations in china and the potential damage the partnership could cause the japan and china. he expressed concern over china's creation of a new administrative area covering disputed island in the south china sea in july and its strengthening military presence in the area. >>> the long wait is finally over for apple fans around the world. the company launched its newest smart phone, iphone 5. people in japan were some of the firs
summit that starts on saturday. >>> u.s. president barack obama has made a bid for re-election at the democratic party's national convention in charlotte, north carolina. he told the delegates the vote in november is a choice of a generation, and he called on supporters to join him again. >> our problems can be solved. our challenges can be met. the path we offer may be harder, but it leads to a better place, and i'm asking you to choose that future. >> barack obama wrapped up the democratic national convention by asking voters to consider what the election is all about. >> on every issue, the choice you face won't just be between two candidates or two parties. it will be a choice between two different paths for america. >> obama delivered his message to delegates and to millions of americans watching on television. he responded to voters' concerns about the economy, promising 1 million new jobs in manufacturing over the next four years. >> yes, our road is longer, but we travel it together. we don't turn back. we leave no one behind. >>> president obama's message prov
have a big impact on japan's domestic and foreign policy. >>> u.s. marines took to the skies over japan in an aircraft that's been a lightning rod for anger. they're testing the mv-22 osprey. american military leaders plan to station the tilt-rotor transporter in okinawa, but the aircraft has a spotty safety record, so the only place some japanese want it to fly is back to the u.s. the first osprey slowly lifted off from the u.s. marine's iwakuni air station in western japan. the aircraft's rotors pointed upward like those on a helicopter. a number of protesters gathered outside the base. they don't want ospreys flying in the skies above them. they say the aircraft is too dangerous. >> translator: the plane shouldn't be allowed to leave the ground. >> pilots flew the aircraft over water. then they tilted the rotors in a horizontal direction so it could fly like a conventional plane. the maneuver is considered the most hazardous aspect of operating this aircraft. >> translator: i'm frightened by the thought that the aircraft may crash around here. >> translator: i'm fine with test flight
>>> welcome back to "newsline." the u.s. federal bureau of investigation is looking into whether terrorist groups were behind an attack in libya. gunmen stormed the consulate in the city of benghazi, they killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. officials say the gun men started shooting and throwing bombs. the building went up in flames. the attack continued for more than four hours. government officials described the assault as elaborate and said the fbi and libya are looking into the possibility that terrorist groups were involved. the attack fell on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. marine corps commanders are sending the anti-terrorist unit to the libyan capital and strengthen security around american diplomatic facilities. >>> the members of the security council reaffirmed that such acts are unjustifiable regardless of their motivations. >> german ambassador is the current president of the council and said the council called on all u.n. members. to protect foreign diplomatic missions. and secretary general said in a statement that nothing justifies
to use the money raised by the relisting to repay the bailout fund. a u.s. federal district court in california rejected samsung electronic request to lift a ban on sales of tablet computers. the court said the issue should be taken up at a federal appellate court. this came after the court's decision in june to temporarily ban sales of samsung's galaxy tab 10.1. the ruling was in favor of apple. which claimed samsung vie lated its pat enter. last month a jury at the same court decided samsung did not infringe apple's patents. however the verdict said the firm did violate the rival smartphone patents. in the legal battle between apple and samsung, international trade commission, u.s. trade panel ruled in favor of apple last week. >>> meanwhile, apple shares have topped $700, for the first time. on expectations the new iphone 5 will boost the firm's earnings. shares of the u.s. technology giant closed at $701.19 on the nasdaq tuesday. the iphone 5 will go on sale friday in several countries including the united states and japan. the company says preorders in the first 24 hours were
for nuclear bombs. they have threatened to attack the site. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton urged caution on iran's nuclear development. >> we believe and we share this common position that iran has a right to the use of peaceful nuclear energy. but iran must abide by its international obligations and -- >> she said iranian leaders cannot be permitted to get a nuclear weapon. >>> clinton has urged southeast asian leaders to work together towards calm in the south china sea. she want them to resolve territorial disputes with china without intimidation or the use of force. clinton is on a tour of southeast asia and china ahead of the asia-pacific economic corporation forum this week in russia. she met with indonesian foreign minister in jakarta. clinton says it's in the u.s. national interest to keep peace in the south china sea. >> we encourage asean and china to make meaningful progress towards finalizing a comprehensive code of conduct in order to establish rules of the road and clear procedures for peacefully addressing disagreements. >> asean members met in july, but disagreeme
of incidents led to his downfall. his former aide temporarily pled to the u.s. consulate in february. officials cited bo for violating party discipline. they suspended him from the post he held in the political bureau. then in july, police charged bo's wife gu kailai and her aide with murdering british businessman neil haywood. a chinese court handed her a suspended death sentence in august. bo's abuse of power allegation is tied to the role he played in the haywood case. >>> making a decision on bo's future frees up chinese leaders to focus on their transition of power. delegates from across the country will convene in beijing to attend november's congress. the meeting happens every five years. delegates to the 18th congress of the chinese communist party are expected to approve new policies. they will also appoint the next generation of party leaders. vice president xi jinping is slated to succeed hu jintao and assume the top post of general secretary of the communist party. analysts are focusing on the appointments and policy decisions that are made under the new leadership. >>> people in no
to normal as soon as possible. >>> a man who helped shape a u.s. foreign policy are asking both sides to take a step back. he was a senior advisor to george w. bush. we sat down to get his views on the situation. >> reporter: former deputy secretary richard is an expert on security issues in the asia pacific and the japan-u.s. allian. his art is to bring calm to the situation. >> i think japan should do what japan can do to cool tempers, to explain to our public what's at stake here. i realize this is a difficult time for japan because of what will be impending elections but it's also difficult for china because of her impending power transfer, not elections. i think if that can be put in the minds of people clearly we'll have enough time to be able to resolve this in a reasonable way. >> the job of the u.s. is to keep the temperature cool. nay are actively working behind the scenes. >> i know the government of the united states is quietly talking japan and china. we have failed our growing relationship with china. >> amitage view reflects growing concern among american officials. the
of the oil fields now being developed by russian oil company s is the size of switzerland. it was first discovered during the soviet era. at that time, there was no way to transport the oil, so it was left untouched for nearly 50 years. >> translator: currently, we have five tanks with a capacity of 3,000 cubic meters. one for processing and four for storage. and construction recently began for two tanks of 10,000 cubic meters. >> reporter: for decades, the population of the local village has been falling. there were no jobs. the oil field development prompted the population boom. it's also brought new infrastructure to the village. >> translator: the number of children has increased, and there are too many to enter our kindergarten. more people are getting married and having babies. we're seeing many new families. >> reporter: at one time, transport of the region's crude oil was handled in part by the trans-siberian railway. but by december of this year, there will be about 4,700 kilometers of pipeline directly connecting the oil fields to the port. more than doubling the export capaci
was dismissed as vice mayor. he fled to a u.s. consulate, and then investigators started to question him on allegations of corruption. that triggered a series of events that led to bo's downfall. bo is now under investigation for violating communist party discipline. bo's wife was given a suspended death sentence last month for murdering british businessman neil haywood. she say wang tried to cover up the involvement in the murder. >>> china is hinting at possible countermeasures against the japanese government's plan to purchase the senkaku islands in the east china sea. japanese officials said earlier that the gover a broad agreement to buy the eyelets from the owner to establish effective control in a peaceful manner. chinese foreign ministry spokesperson reiterated that the islands belonged to china. >> translator: japan is moving to nationalize the islands. this hurts the chinese people's feelings. >> hong said china is watching developments and will take necessary measures to defend it's sovereignty. >>> a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck off coast ka resta reeic. officials ish ued
officials want the abductions of their nationals by north korean agents in the 1970s and '80s on the agenda. they want to discuss repatriating the remains of japanese who have died in what is now north korea around the end of world war ii. and they hope security issues including nuclear and missile development will be up for discussion. back in japan, relatives of the abductees have followed it closely. >> translator: i don't notice to what extent the new leadership will accept japan's request to address the issue. i feel a mix of hope and concern. i want the japanese government to state clearly that japan will not establish diplomatic relations with north korea until the abductions issue is fully resolved. i expect the officials to negotiate the return of all abductees still held in north korea north korea. >>> we have seen what appears to be a slight thaw in relations between japan and north korea. earlier i talked with hirok hiroki ujima. hirokii. first they extend their talks but one day. what is your take on the past few days? >> i think the talks with fruitful for both companies. an o
's struggling economy. few expect that to happen. nhk world, new york. >> the drill u.s. forces are leading in the persian gulf. 34 nations are taking part. we went aboard a ship and japanese mine sweeper to bring us this first hand look. >> reporter: this u.s. navy support ship was built 41 years ago and was due to be decommissioned earlier this year. the vessel was used to land troops but has since been equipped for mind sweeping duties. it has been deployed in the region since june. the ship is at the center of the naval exercise which is aimed at the ability to keep shipping lanes open in the persian gulf. iran has threatened to choke off ship traffic passing through the strait of hormuz in the gulf. >> we are out how far? 80 miles from the iranian coast. >> reporter: speedboats play a key role in the persian gulf. crew members practiced firing warning shots while we were on board. in the drill scenario two suspicious vessels are ignoring warnings and coming closer. it's the largest ever held in the persian gulf. japan which depends heavily on middle eastern oil is among the 34 nations
. the communist party ramped up nationalistic education in the 1990s. the government now seems to be having trouble keeping a lid on those sentiments. some people are trying to organize later this month. with no end in sight in the dispute over the senkaku island. tensions are likely to continue. japanese government officials say they can't demand a harsher punishment. they say they have to follow chinese law. they praise what they call china's swift punishment. >>> syrian government forces have bombarded the center of aleppo. they mounted the assaults by ground and by air. opposition activists say the military is using helicopters to attack residential areas. air strikes in northern aleppo on monday killed 35 people. many people are still living in the center of the city. the free syrian army has reportedly fighting on the outskirts to try to minimize casualties. nearly 5,000 civilians and 500 children were killed across the countrien august. that is the highest monthly total since the uprising started last year. >>> syrian president bashar al assad welcomes the aid from the international
is groundless. we will make objections when the opportunity arises. >> u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has again urged her chinese counterparts to try to calm the walters. clinton met with foreign minister in new york. state department officials say she repeated her view that cool heads should prevail. clinton reportedly said, china and japan have the resources, restraint and ability to reduce tensions. the officials did not say how he responded. chin eaese leaders have complai about washington's stance that they're covered by the security treaty. >> a man who helped shape foreign policy has a similar message. richard armitage was an add voicer to george w. bush. >> reporter: he is urging japanese and chinese leaders to bring calm to the situation. >> i think japan should do what japan can do to cool tempers to explain to the public what is at stake here. i do realize this is a difficult time for japan because of what will be impending elections but also difficult for china. because of her impending power transfer. not elections. so i think if that can be put in the mind of people, cle
. the south korean prime minister held talks in new york with his u.s. counterpart. the two officials aparentally did not refer directly to the territorial disputes with japan. but they emphasized historical issues remany unresolved. they agreed that regional stability depends on all countries in east asia nations having a correct understanding of history. japan's government has protested south korea's refusal to allow a japanese vessel to enter one of its ports. the japan maritime self defense forces destroyer is scheduled to take part in a joint drill. the united states, south korea, australia and japan will take part. japanese government officials called on south korea to review its decision. officials note ves vessels belog to other participants will enter the port. south korea repeated its refusal. the u.s.-led exercise is held every year and aim is to stop trafficking in weapons. south korea's refusal may receive fle reflect anti-japan sentiment could increase. strained by the country's repeated claims to the islands. >>> the international envoy for syria is crafting a new plan
chairman of the u.s. nuclear regulatory association. the first meeting is scheduled for early next mow. spokespersons say they will use the recommendations to draw up an action plan by the end of the year. this will include reviewing safety measures and improving access to information. tepco president says a company qualified to operator a nuclear power plant has to take measures to prevent a possible accident. the turn around plan includes restarting a nuclear plant in central japan by next april at the earliest. residents of some communities are already voicing their opposition to that proposal. the accident prompted people in japan and abrd to scrutinize the nuclear industry and members of the cabinet finalized plans for a largely independent nuclear watch dog. the cabinet decided to inaugurate the watch dog on wednesday of next week. the commission will replace the nuclear and industrial safety agency. that agency is controlled by the economy, trade, and industry ministry which has promoted atomic energy. people criticized it after the accident for lacking independence. >> translat
population. a about 250 people gathered in front of the u.s. embassy in jakarta. authorities deployed 300 police officers to guard the compound. the rally ended after two hours without any major incident. anti-american rallies were also held in pakistan. demonstrations took place in the capital islamabad and the cities of karachi and peshawar. public anger against the united states is already strong in pakistan where u.s. air strikes targeting suspected militants regularly cause civilian casualties. >>> in egypt, several hundred demonstrators clashed with security forces near the u.s. embassy in cairo. police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. >> authorities remain on alert ahead of possible demonstrations after the friday prayers. >>> japan's prime minister wants to change how his citizens power their homes and businesses. yoshihiko noda unveiled his long-awaited energy policy. it calls for the country to phase out nuclear power in the coming decades. the plan reflects the feelings of many japanese following last year's accident at the fukushima plant. but big business says the policy
>>> defending his presidency. >> our problems can be solved. our challenges can be met. the u.s. president has made a case for why he deserves to hold to that title. barack obama asked voters to consider where the country will head after the election this november. >> and on every issue, the choice you face won't just be between two candidates or two parties, it will be a choice between two different paths for america. #. >> obama delivered this message to delegates and millions of americans watching on tv. he responded to voters concerns about the economy promising 1 million new jobs in manufacturing over the next four years. >> america, i never said this journey would be easy. and i won't promise that now. yes, our path is harder. but it leads to a better place. yes, our road is longer, but we travel it together. we don't turn back. we leave no one behind. >>> hello, i'm yuko aotani. they use all their advertising to shape their message and appeal. democrats and republicans too are using more and more social media in their campaigns. the number of facebook users more than trip
discipline. and is caught up in the scandal. r rororr: the news s enen brbre the news.. the latelaststevevopment i ithth scandadathth e eosos the cocoununt t rty. ngngijij h hding the bururu.u. heheedednd anti-gangngndnd rrrrtion campaigigalalg with bo xilaiil. in february, w wg was suddenly dismissed as mayor. four days later, he went to a u.s. consulate and stayed overnight. when he left, police started questioning him. once actions got party leaders interested in bo xilai. bo was a party chief in chongqing. a member of the bureau and rising star. they started looking into what they called serious violations of the discipline. then suspended him. police had arrested bo's wife, gu kailai, on charges of murdering a british businessman, neil heywood. she was sentenced to death with a two-year suspension. wang tried to cover up gu's involvement in the murder. now, party officials have to decide what to do with bo. to put the biggest political scandal in years behind them. reporting for nhk world, beijing. >>> china is hinting at possible counter measures against the japa
people want to see results now not in the distant future. >>> u.s. president barack obama challenged world leaders to stand up against violence against americans. he said his government had nothing to do with the film made in the u.s. that ridicules the prophet muhammad. >> i have made it clear that the united states government had nothing to do with this video. it is an insult not only to muslims but to america as well. that i witnessed after nearly four years as president, that i remain ever hopeful about the world that we live in. the war in iraq is over. american troops have come home. al qaeda has been weakened. and osama bin laden is no more. >> obama took the podium six weeks before the u.s. presidential election. he spent much of his time defending his record on foreign policy. >>> a british territory trying to highlight the suffering of children in syria's civil war. save the children says the violence is causing psychological damage. the charity released a video report to coincide with the start of the general assembly meeting. a spokesperson says many children have seen fa
. >> their findings will be published on the online issue of the u.s. science magazine, proceedings of the national academy of sciences. >>> people in many areas of japan are dealing with heavy rain. sayaka mori gives us the latest in her weather forecast. >> hi there. strong frontal system has been dumping very heavy rain from hokkaido. it looks like stormy conditions will continue into tomorrow. an additional 150 millimeters possible into tomorrow afternoon. flooding and landslides will continue to be a big concern. a tropical depression to the south of japan. good news is that it will not intensify and it will likely stay over the waters for the next several days. this low pressure system is dumping tremendous amounts of rain. the heavy rain will be moving in as we head into tomorrow. forces south have got a newly formed tropical storm. now producing gail force winds and seems it will move towards the north over the next few days. we will keep you posted on its progress. leslie could make landfall as a tropical system stays by tuesday morning. head towards the south of greenland. gusts could exc
ties. china is japan's largest trading partner. >>> u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. government will take steps. this fol lez lows an easing of sanctions in financial sectors. clinton met with myanmar's president on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. >> in recognition of the continued progress towards reform, and in response to requests from both the government and the opposition, the united states is taking the next step in normalizing our commercial relationship. >> the u.s. move will be welcomed by the people of myanmar. opposition leader, currently visiting the united states called for easing of sanctions to support her country's development. jp kne japanese business officials are asking those in myanmar to improve their business environment. the chairman of the japan chamber of commerce led a delegation and met with a senior economic official. asking for swiflter measures to ensure stable supply of power and better framework for foreign investment, the senior official said he encouraged more investment from japan. he promise they'd would work towards ma
measures. >>> let's check the markets now. u.s. stocks ended mixed. the dow jones industrial average declined .4% to 13,035 on weak manufacturing data. but the tech heavy nasdaq rose .3% to 3,075 and hopes apple shares could gain. and to see how the stocks are trading here in tokyo this wednesday we switch over to ramin mellegard at the tokyo stock exchange. ramin, how are stocks kicking off today? >> very good morning to you. indeed, we had a mixed session in the u.s. come to the opening levels here in just a second. the dow of course faltering a touch on weak manufacturing data which showed a contraction in august for the lowest level in three years. but then again, we had the nasdaq trading higher on hopes, as you said there, for gains for apple on pending new line of products next week. we'll look forward to that. let's have a look at the opening levels, of course, here for the nikkei and the topix this wednesday. 8,740, down .4%. for the nikkei, 723. topix down the same amount. the nikkei closed slightly lower yesterday on profit taking following another up and down day. volatil
september 19th, next wednesday. we'll keep track of that. u.s. credit rating agency downgraded the rating of panasonic. we'll see how that affects the prices as well. >> where do we stand this tuesday? >> a big focus there. let's have a look at some of the pairs, dollar/yen and euro/yen. the dollar did lose a little ground. we're seeing that. euro/yen 99 to 88. the euro weakening there. it was trading around the 100 yen levels. that was on the back of news that the european central bank will step in and buy some bonds. a little bit of yen strength there. we'll see how we trade for the rest of the day. back to you. >> thanks. that is all for me for now. i'll leave you with the market figures. >>> the new u.n.arab league says he will place stop priority on stopping the blood shed in the country. he's expected to meet damascus to meet president bashar assad in a few days. he met the secretary general in cairo on monday ahead of his planned trip to syria. after the meeting he said that some 5,000 were killed in august alone. >> translator: the dangerous situation in syria will leave the whole
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